Digby & Iona Natura Signet Ring


The Natura Signet Ring by Digby & Iona pictures a flying eagle holding a rabbit. The ring reads 'Natura which directly translates from Latin to 'Nature Is Not Saddened'. That is, that the natural world is not sentimental or compassionate. The phrase could serve as a reminder that the natural world is not concerned with human affairs, and will continue to live, grow, and exist around us while we go through our daily lives. 

- 100% Oxidised Sterling Silver with Brass Inlay
- The face measures 16mm wide by 12mm high
- The band tapers from 12mm to 6mm.
- This Signet is a working wax seal and comes with one stick of red J.Herbin sealing wax
- Hand-cast by Digby & Iona in Brooklyn, NY

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